ADNOC LUBES comprises a range of more than 50 products, including light and heavy Automotive Lubricants, Marine Engine Oils, Industrial and Hydraulic lubricants, Turbine and Transformer oils, Specialized Oils and Greases, Automotive Gear Oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids and Brake Fluids.

ADNOC lubricants blending and packaging plant has developed and expanded to become one of the best such plants in the region. The plant comprises of a lubricant blending and packaging unit, a grease manufacturing unit, a chemical additives unit and a brake oil packaging unit. ADNOC grease production plant, the second of its kind in the world, manufacturing high quality greases.

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ADNOC lubricants are manufactured using quality materials chosen after close scrutiny by the quality control team helps it to produce world class products that meet the most stringent of quality tests. The products are therefore recognized all over the world for their quality. Certification of ADNOC LUBES comes from the highest international bodies, such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), American Petroleum Institute (API), US Military Authorities (MIL), the British Defence Force (DEF/STAN), and the Committee of European Equipment Manufacturers (ACEA).

ADNOC’s comprehensive product range offered has helped it emerge as one of the most diversified lubricants in the country. We cater to the varying needs of all kinds of customers and has developed a product range that meets all your requirements exactly. Whether you are looking for engine oil, industrial and hydraulic lubricants, turbine and transformer oils, specialized oils and greases, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluids or brake fluids – you are sure to find your requirements with ADNOC LUBES.