Honda’s CBR 600RA has cemented its reputation as a true all-rounder by delivering potent racetrack performance, yet remaining controlled when you take it onto the road. The model lines up next to the best in the sports bike class, and has an exciting look to match its memorable ride.



Motorcycle enthusiasts can’t fail to stare at the model as it cruises past. It has classic racing proportions with a striking fairing covering the engine and other connected components. The pointed front features narrow headlamps, while large rims carry the bike confidently. Three paint finishes are available and each is different from the next. The all black option is the most understated and sophisticated. Joining it is a head-turning white, red and blue version but the most distinctive is the Repsol-branded model. It combines a black, red and orange fairing with orange rims and fuel tank to capture the attention of road users.

In the saddle you lean low and forward in true motorsport fashion, crouching over the centrally-mounted fuel tank. This position keeps the weight in the middle of the bike for more responsive handling. A slightly flared upper panel helps you to grip with your legs and gives a greater feeling of control as you change direction quickly.


​The CBR 600RA's features enhance your experience on the seat by optimizing the bike’s performance. A two-stage air system on the front channels cool air into the engine to maintain its rapid pace. Your foot peg is carefully positioned for the most comfortable ride position and a second peg enables you to carry a passenger. ​

Up at the front is a simple instrument panel featuring a rev counter alongside a clear digital display showing speed, trip distance, time and other important details.​



The model’s energetic performance is provided by a 600cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine that also benefits from Honda’s PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system. The innovation calculates the best fuel and oxygen mix for optimum performance and efficiency at any one time. Total power of 120ps is fed through six-speed transmission which shifts up through the gears instantly as you demand it.

Electric steering dampers adjust automatically for agile maneuverability and this is helped by inverted front forks plus Pro-Link rear shocks. Honda has also added an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to control this pace and slow the model safely.

The desirable CBR 600RA is available today at your nearest OMASCO site. Speak to your local team to find out more about the model and our flexible finance agreements.