A service contract from OMASCO Honda delivers a range of benefits beyond the money you can save. Paying for important maintenance is much easier to manage and you will always be assisted by highly skilled technicians.

Reduced running costs

One of the most attractive benefits of a Honda service plan is the cost saving it allows you to make. Regular quality servicing lessens the chance of a costly fault occurring as issues are identified and resolved sooner.

Prices that don’t rise with inflation

By entering into a contract the price you pay for aftersales support is fixed for its duration. Even if the cost of other services rises, your regular payment will remain unchanged.

A flexible agreement

If you choose to upgrade your vehicle the contract can be transferred to your new model subject to conditions. You can also renew the agreement for ongoing cover or request a refund if you no longer need servicing support. When paying the contract fee there is the option to split the amount into three equal instalments to ease the financial pressure too.

Preserving your vehicle value

You benefit from a Honda service contract long after signing up for one. With the OMASCO name in your vehicle’s service book it will retain its value for longer. This means that when you decide to sell you can expect more in return.

Apply today

Apply today for your own Honda service plan and look forward to cost-effective support. Please speak to the team at your nearest Honda site for details.