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What fuel should I add to my Honda engine?

Honda has designed its engines to run on unleaded gasoline. By regulation, gasoline is allowed to contain a variety of additives. Certain additives such as alcohol can only be included in limited quantities for the fuel to still be classed as gasoline. Your Honda Owner’s Manual states that a maximum of ten percent ethanol is allowed in gasoline. Honda’s engines operate at their best using fuel containing between zero and ten percent ethanol. E85 is an alternative to fuel and it mixes 85 percent ethanol with 15 percent gasoline. Honda’s engines are not designed or authorized to run on E85 so this fluid must not be used. Please see your Owner’s Manual for a list of recommended fuel types and the current approved additives.

Can I add synthetic oil to my Honda engine?

Every Honda engine has been developed, tested and certified using petroleum-based oils as a lubricant. Any oil used in the manufacturer’s engines must meet the requirements outlined in the Owner’s Manual. You should also check the manual for the recommended oil change intervals.

Where can I find the model and serial number?

You will find the frame serial number stamped on a metal plate on or close to the stern bracket. This number will read ‘BXXX-XXXXXXX’ and is sometimes referred to as the product identification number. If you cannot locate the model name or frame serial number please contact an OMASCO Honda Marine site.

How can I purchase parts for my Honda Marine product?

You can order parts by contacting your local OMASCO Honda Marine site and find their details on the locations page.

Where can I go for warranty repairs?

All warranty repairs will need to be completed by OMASCO Honda, as we are an authorized Honda Marine distributor.

For more answers to your questions please contact your nearest OMASCO Honda Marine site directly.