Any engine needs regular maintenance to make sure it performs at its best every time you use it. This is especially true for an outboard marine engine as they work under harsh conditions, such as those experienced in the Middle East. The region’s extreme temperatures combined with high moisture, heavy loads and periods of non-use put strain on the outboard. This can reduce its output and impact negatively on the performance of your boat.

Here at OMASCO Honda Marine we offer maintenance support to look after your boat’s engine to an uncompromising standard. We fit genuine parts using cutting-edge tools to preserve its performance, reliability and safety. Check the maintenance schedule found in your Honda Owner’s Manual for information on when a service appointment is needed.

Marine Outboard Maintenance

A pre-operation check before you head out is important for safety and the continued high performance from your boat’s engine. Read the warnings and cautions included within the Owner’s Manual and be sure to switch the engine off before you check it. Contact OMASCO Honda Marine before attempting to operate the unit if you find an issue.

Pre-operation Checklist

  • Engine oil level
  • Fuel level
  • Propeller and cotter pin
  • Anode metal
  • Water separator
  • Fuel hose connection
  • Battery connections
  • Steering linkages
  • Handle and remote control lever

Engine oil

For the best engine performance it is vital you use genuine Honda Marine oil. An oil change can drastically improve the unit’s output as it lubricates and protects internal components. You should regularly check the oil level and if more needs to be added make sure the engine is off and the outboard is in an upright position. Adding new oil incorrectly can cause it to become contaminated, which is why we recommend asking OMASCO Honda Marine to complete the task for you.


Fresh fuel boosts both performance and reliability. Improper fuel maintenance is another cause of starting issues and can limit the amount of power that is produced. Old fuel can go ‘stale’ and cause blockages in the carburetor or fuel injectors. This deterioration can occur in as little as 30 days so regular refueling is recommended. Be sure to check the fuel lines for cracks and signs of aging if the engine hasn’t been used in some time.

Spark plug

The spark plugs are an important component as they help to start the outboard engine. A faulty spark plug can cause difficulty in starting, misfiring and a lack of power. They should be checked for cracks or chips and replaced by Honda-approved components if needed.


The propeller should be checked several times during a season to make sure no debris has become wrapped around the propeller shaft, placing unnecessary wear on the engine. It is also sensible to replace the propeller if you believe it has struck a rock or other underwater obstacle.

Contact OMASCO Honda Marine for more helpful maintenance tips and to schedule a servicing appointment.