When sailing for the first time or taking a regular boating trip, the Honda Marine BF10 engine is a reliable partner. It's designed for use with a wide range of boats, small craft and inflatables. Take it anywhere – the compact, light engine is made for flexibility.

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The engine has been carefully styled and crafted to be light and portable. From the aluminum propeller to the curvy engine body, every detail has been carefully considered. An electric starter makes the engine quick and simple to recharge when not in use. You also have the advantage of a reverse exhaust relief system, which diverts emissions away from the propeller when travelling in reverse.

As with many other compact Honda Marine engines, the BF10 incorporates a convenient carry handle. It's placed at the balance point to maintain the lightweight, agile shape and design. This also ensures that the engine is level and balanced when carried.​


Strong performance is derived from Honda's four-stroke engine technology. The system boosts efficiency and cleverly prevents oil from mixing. It also ensures quick, quiet operation of the engine to get you on the move. The low noise levels add to your comfort as you travel.

The engine roars into life through a digital ignition system, timed down to the microsecond. One-handed operation, and the ability to start up in shallow waters, makes the BF10 10PS simple to work with in varied boating conditions.​


With 222cc from the two-cylinder engine, the BF10 has generous and consistent power. The 10PS of maximum force comes at no detriment to fuel consumption – the engine's economy is attractively high.

All Honda Marine engines have been certified for low emissions.​​



Honda's integrated Engine Protection System includes clever measures such as an engine oil circulation display. The system additionally guards against engine overheating, as do the water cooling and thermostat functions. 

It's easy to check on and control the performance of the BF10 at any time.

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