Honda’s BF100 engine brings developments made for the road onto the water. The result is a confident delivery of ample power from the minute you set off. Advanced Honda engineering also makes this unit dependable and economical when you rely on it for everyday use.

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A slim design gathers all of the BF100's components into one neat and lightweight unit. They are protected by a removable engine hood which clips on or off quickly for easy maintenance. 

With a classy silver finish the engine looks good above the water and below it a low drag coefficient improves efficiency. ​​


Forward-thinking technology in the BF100 enhances your entire experience and not just performance. BLAST gets your boat onto the plane quickly by producing power instantly to lift it up in the water. Lean burn control then maximizes the engine’s returns by mixing the optimum amount of fuel and air. 

Intelligent ECOmo helps you to stay at the correct cruising speed to remain there. The BF100 is more than an engine. It can be plugged into a boat’s CANbus system and linked to NMEA2000 devices such as a navigation, GPS or sonar system or a fish finder.


Two versions of this engine are available to match the size of your boat’s transom. Both the BF100 LRTU and BF100 XRTU are 1496cc in size and produce 100HP. They also each include VTEC technology which was first developed for the Honda Formula One engine. 

It produces a thrilling surge of power and torque at any speed while also improving efficiency to save money. ​The engine has been engineered to impress at any speed however as the optional Trolling Control feature proves. It enables you to adjust power in 50rpm increments for controlled motoring at a low speed. ​​



To preserve this impressive engine Honda applies a four-stage coating process before the paint is applied which prevents corrosion from salt water. There is less chance of a fault occurring when on the water so you are unlikely to ever become stranded.

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