Setting a benchmark for larger Honda Marine engines and motors, the BF115 demonstrates exceptional power. It acts as a showcase for advanced systems and engineering, ensuring that every trip is smoother and more effective.

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A curvy, streamlined shape for the engine helps you easily glide over water. The propeller is carefully tucked away at the base of the design, providing force without obstructions. 

The design has additionally been considered to make regular maintenance of the engine more practical. Components are simple to inspect, clean and replace.


Honda combines its rich history in passenger motoring and racing to bring advanced technologies to the BF115. VTEC motorsports engineering and Dual Stage Induction bring more air into the combustion chamber to support the engine's power.

'Trolling' control between 650-900rpm maintains a steady, slow pace for fishing and casting nets. When cruising, you also benefit from Honda's lean burn control, which reduces your overall fuel consumption​.


At 2,254 cc, the four-cylinder engine is one of Honda Marine's largest and most dominant. Using the greatest water displacement in its class, it strikes out onto open water with confidence. A programmed fuel injection system works similarly to that in Honda vehicles, lending more weight to that initial surge of power.

The engine generates a stunning level of horsepower. With 115HP and a generous amount of torque at your disposal, you can venture anywhere. Keep an eye on engine data through connected displays and devices – this can be achieved thanks to the engine's NMEA2000 compliance.​



For increased resilience and performance, three-way cooling has been built into the engine. This supplements the effective water cooling you expect from a Honda Marine motor. On the exterior, the special multi-layered paintwork offers constant protection against corrosion.

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