The Honda Marine BF135 benefits from the engineering and clever systems that also feature in many Honda vehicles. It's a reliable and sturdy option, built to need only simple and regular maintenance over time.

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A clean, bright look for the outboard motor ensures it fits in with the appearance of your boat. 

Shaping and streamlining bring the weight of the engine down and make both forward and reverse movements more assured.


Years of Honda motoring heritage are reflected in the forward-thinking systems integrated with the engine. This starts with the quick and effective battery charging, supporting the BF135 in electric-powered starts. To see engine and trip data, take advantage of the engine's NMEA2000 compliance and link up compatible displays.

Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) are drawn from Honda motorsports. These systems work hard to build on the strength and torque of the engine at all speeds.​


Every journey is improved by the force and smoothness of the four-cylinder, 2,354cc engine. Optional 'trolling' control at low revs supports the quiet, slower running of the craft for you to observe the water or cast fishing nets.

The flow of air through the engine, with the Dual Stage Induction system, creates a cool and oxygenated environment in which the motor's power can shine. With lean burn control, the BF135 uses up to 20 percent less fuel at a consistent cruising speed. It's more efficient than the competition overall, getting you further in comfort and style.



Corrosion protection within the paintwork is the standard for all Honda Marine engines. It gives you added peace of mind when making regular trips over deep waters. Alongside the water cooling and thermostat in the engine, the three-way cooling is a highly effective way of regulating the engine temperature.

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