The Honda Marine BF15 engine brings more force and strength to the compact end of the engine range. Sailing boats, aluminum crafts and larger inflatables are given the reliable power they need from this portable outboard motor.

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Smooth shaping and a light aluminum propeller help the engine to quickly cut through water. It weighs the least of any comparable engine in its class. The ability to start up the engine with one hand is another distinct advantage.

When you're not on the water, transporting the BF15 is reassuringly easy. A carry handle is built into the design, so you can pack up, pick up and go. With the handle placed exactly at the balance point on the engine, it remains level when being moved. Recharging the battery for the electric alternator is just as quick and effective.


By giving the engine a larger water displacement area, Honda has ensured that the BF15 can deliver more power when you need it. An innovative pendulum motion system also creates comfortable, relaxed cruising conditions. The engine's smooth running is supported by the clean sweeping motions of the propeller.

Optional Power Tilt and Gas Assist Tilt variations on the engine are optimized for tilted and shallow water running. The ignition timing is also programmed, ensuring confident starts each time.​


The BF15 is one of Honda's more powerful small engines, at an impressive 350cc. It's a two-cylinder engine with an electric starter mechanism. 

With the option of Power Thrust Design, the propeller gains as much as 15 percent more force in motion – and up to 60 percent more in reverse. Shift gears with just your fingertips, using the prominent Forward Mount Shift Lever.​​



In reverse, the exhaust gases are directed away from the propeller so you're always moving through clean water. This also makes it simpler to maneuver when reversing. Emissions from the exhaust are low from every Honda Marine engine.

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