Ramp up the speed and performance of larger boats with the Honda Marine BF150 engine. It acts as a powerful showcase for Honda's world-class technologies and decades of experience in engineering.

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Clean lines and agile shaping show the effectiveness of the engine from the first look. It's designed to look smart and stylish when fitted to a wide variety of water craft and boats. 

The streamlining of the exterior also serves to lower the outboard motor's overall weight.


The systems built into the BF150 ensure increased torque, efficiency and reliability. As the engine's quick ignition and start are electric powered, the battery charging has been refined to take less time and provide more energy.

You are also supported by Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST), a Honda innovation. The torque is delivered and increased in the early rev range – as are the efficiency and strength. Ignition timing is optimized for quick starts, an advantage with such a powerful four-stroke engine at your disposal.​


Honda's 2,354cc engine is optimized to an impressive 150HP in the motor. It's a four-cylinder engine with the same potency as those within reliable Honda cars. You can optionally specify 'trolling' control if you intend to cruise along at a low rev level.

Dual Stage Induction brings substantial amounts of air through the engine to supplement the fuel/air ratio. Fuel consumption is lower, particularly when cruising and making use of Honda's lean burn control system.​



The assurances and protection drivers demand from a Honda car are just as present in the marine engine range. Even the exterior paintwork has been created to prevent corrosion. The design of the motor has also been carefully developed to ensure that ongoing maintenance is as quick, simple and cost-effective as possible.

The Honda Marine BF150 is available from our OMASCO sites now. Call or visit us to speak with an expert, or send queries through our online enquiry form.