Take impressive, consistent power everywhere in the form of the Honda Marine BF175. It displays just how advanced and intelligent Honda engineering can be. Acceleration is punchy, following sharp and precise ignition. Electric power to start up the engine is delivered on command, so no energy or effort is wasted.

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The substantial body of the marine engine contains a hard-working six-cylinder configuration. It's also shaped with a narrow width, making it easier to install on a wide range of boats and other water craft.

The BF175 model can be augmented with compatible devices to display engine and performance data. This NMEA2000 compliance makes it simpler to keep an eye on key information on the move.​


Typically for a large Honda Marine engine, the BF175 gives you the advantage of Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST). Access to more torque from lower revs keeps you moving forward with total confidence.

As you travel, the Honda Variable Air Intake system adds to the smoothness. The positioning of engine components and use of strong rubber lowers vibrations from the motor in motion.​


The sporty 3,471cc engine is a roaring V6, developed through decades of precise Honda engineering. It's a force to be reckoned with, driving larger and heavier boats with ease. Soar over the water in a relaxed manner that feels effortless.

An intelligent programmed fuel injection system reduces consumption and enhances the speed and response of the ignition. Minimal use of fuel takes you further, giving you more opportunities to explore and try new adventures.​



The 'on demand' battery charging system for the engine's electric start prevents the build-up of heat. The BF175 is additionally water cooled and fitted with an alternator.

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