The most powerful small Honda Marine engine is the BF20. It has been carefully optimized for the precise blend of strength and efficiency you need. Quick response and reliability make every trip over water a joy. The rounded shape of the engine is also easily recognizable as part of the Honda range.

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As with the rest of the compact Honda Marine selection, the engine is built with extensive use of lightweight materials such as aluminum. Even the propeller is light, shaped and positioned for maximum effectiveness.

En route to the water or on your way home, transporting the engine is convenient. It's designed to be portable, with a balanced carry handle part of the streamlined design. The handle folds away to be unobtrusive when the engine's either in storage or in use.


Honda's four-stroke engine technology keeps the BF20 quiet, quick, effective and efficient. This reliability is especially reassuring when you're out on open water. Use the Forward Mount Shift Lever to switch between forward, neutral and reverse​.

The programmed ignition system continues to enforce the engine's reliability across the entire rev range. Extra decompression reduces the recoil when the engine starts up. An intelligent pendulum-motion mounting adds to the relaxed, calm nature of cruising. It also reduces vibrations from the engine to keep you more comfortable.​


This 350cc two-cylinder engine roars into life almost instantly and remains dependable throughout your journey.

It powers small sailboats, aluminum craft and inflatables with confidence, and can also be used as the 'kicker' for larger marine crafts.



Protection is a key consideration in every Honda engine. With the BF20, this is clearly seen in the reverse exhaust relief. By diverting emissions away from the propeller, there are no obstructions to smooth and safe reversing.

Find out how the Honda Marine BF20 can make your next adventure on water more enjoyable. Discuss the engine with the team at your nearest OMASCO location.