The Honda Marine BF200 200PS is one of the largest engines produced by Honda. It's a reliable partner whenever you set off to explore bodies of open water. With high-performance innovations throughout the large marine engine range, you're ensured a more precise, comfortable and economical journey.

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The engine shares many components with world-class, award-winning Honda road vehicles. It's sculpted for streamlining, yet has the capacity to hold a highly-efficient engine system. 

There is also space within the motor for a battery to power the electric start.


Acceleration is instant and smooth, achieved through the combination of several advanced Honda systems. Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) adds aggression to the ignition system, and SOHC  engineering, borrowed from Honda racing, keeps forward motion stable.

Compliance with NMEA2000 enables you to add multifunction electronic equipment to the configuration. This can be used to display engine data and journey information in clearly readable formats. Check the fuel consumption, plot a route and discover the best place for fishing.​


Boasting 3,471cc, the engine stands out as one of Honda's most potent. It's a V6 with energy in abundance. The four-stroke design of the six-cylinder engine makes it more powerful and efficient.

At top speed, noise and vibrations from the engine are kept at comfortable levels. The Variable Air Intake system enhances the smoothness. It ensures that enough air passes through the engine system to maintain a balanced fuel/air ratio.​



Clever layering in the paint process ensures that the engine is well protected against the effects of water corrosion. The system is maintained at a reasonable temperature with the 'on demand' electrical power, water cooling and built-in thermostat.

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