Generous power and clever systems come together in the Honda Marine BF225. It sits at the top end of Honda's high-performing marine engine and outboard motor range. Impressive force is delivered quickly, powering large boats with a simplicity that feels ​


Precise lines lend the engine a sporty appearance. It's designed to allow more air to move through the system. A balanced flow through the air intake on the outboard motor optimizes the amount of air to match the engine's speed. 

The propeller is positioned inwards and low on the streamlined body, out of the way of potential obstructions.


Honda's VTEC innovations are carried over from its advances in motorsports. This creates stronger torque as you pick up speed. The forward and reverse gear configurations are also made for performance, enabling quick acceleration when you need it most. A further pioneering technology is Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST). It times the ignition precisely to generate more horsepower in the low rev ranges.

To benefit from digital displays of engine information, link up a compatible device. The BF225 has full NMEA2000 compliance, giving you the option to add electronics that communicate with the engine.​


Honda's 3,471cc engine is an energetic V6. It starts with confidence and easily cuts through the water. This powerful six-cylinder engine uses world-class Honda engineering that's made several of its road vehicles highly successful.

Fuel economy on your journeys will always be attractively high. Honda's lean burn control system cuts consumption during cruising, an advantage over other four-stroke engines. Programmed fuel injection acts as a boost to the ignition and prevents wasted energy.​



A smoother and more comfortable ride is assured by the air intake system and cruising technology. To protect the engine itself, specialist multi-layered paintwork has been applied as a safeguard against water corrosion.

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