The most powerful Honda Marine engine is the exceptional BF250. With the highest amount of force at 250HP, and Honda's advanced engineering, it's more than capable of meeting every marine challenge. Fit it to large crafts and boats carrying more passengers or cargo.

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You can see the potential of this confident engine from its sheer size. The build quality is impeccable, as expected from a Honda. A special separate dual air intake system draws from carefully-positioned vents. 

In a similar innovation, the arrangement of the twin exhaust prevents heat from the system pre-warming the engine oil.


A tailored combination of marine technology and systems from Honda road vehicles makes the engine versatile. Ignition timing is accurately controlled through Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST).

Integrated Automatic Idle Charge is an intelligent feature. Should the electrical demand on the engine increase during idling, the system will identify this and increase the alternator output automatically.​


At 3,583cc, this is the largest capacity and strongest V6 marine engine that Honda produces. VTEC racing technology from Honda sports cars increases torque and power by enhancing the engine combustion. Shift Load Control makes gear shifts smoother – a feature unique to the BF250. 

It further adapts the ignition and acceleration depending on whether you are travelling forward or in reverse.​ Fuel consumption is kept to a minimum at all speeds. When cruising, such as on sightseeing tours or when fishing, lean burn control increases the engine's efficiency.​



The corrosion protection across the exterior is durable against the elements. Noise is also kept to a minimum by the Air Intake Silencer, helping you to concentrate. For a more comprehensive view of engine data, use the engine's NMEA2000 compliance to link compatible displays to the engine system

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