A starting point for Honda Marine's mid-weight engine selection is the BF30. It demonstrates the stronger power of the range and the lightweight agility of more compact engines. For fishing, journeys over water and travelling around bays and harbours, the BF30 gets you around reliably and efficiently.

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An enlarged shape hints at the power of the BF30. It's constructed with extensive use of lightweight materials. The tiller is mounted as close to the centre as possible to maintain the engine's overall balance. With an extended tiller handle, turning and maneuvers are easier than ever.

At the top of the cowl, an additional air intake enhances the flow of air through the engine. This regulates the temperature, builds on efficiency and adds a sporty aspect to the BF30's overall look.​


The manufacturer has given the BF30 some of its most impressive innovations. It's designed and engineered to be user-friendly. Auto Start Enrichment helps you set off confidently, and the programmed ignition enhances that reliability.

An Engine Alert System has also been integrated. It warns against potential engine overheating with audio and visual reminders. The oil pump which keeps the engine lubricated operates similarly to those in Honda vehicles. This familiar, trusted system increases the longevity of engine components.​


Naturally for a mid-weight engine, the BF30 is a three-cylinder 552cc powerhouse. Three-to-three induction creates near-instant responses from the throttle without an excessive amount of noise. 

It works similarly to a direct-injection vehicle engine. The mixture of fuel and air is instantly and automatically adjusted by the Engine Command Module.​​



The fuelling system reduces emissions, a benefit to you, those you travel with and the environment. Added corrosion protection within the engine's paintwork increases overall durability.

Please get in touch with our OMASCO team for even more information on the Honda Marine BF30 engine.