The Honda Marine BF40 is a step up in both potential and size. In design and engineering, it has evolved into a reliable all-rounder. Honda's pioneering technology features join you on your water-based excursions.

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The strong, dominant shape of the engine shows that it holds substantial power. Honda's 'wing form' concept creates classic sweeping lines and a more agile appearance.

The slimmed-down look is attractive, complementing the appearance of boats and other water craft when paired. It's a deceptively lightweight design that cuts overall weight down to the lowest in its class.​​


The BF40 is one of the most technologically advanced engines in the range. The electric starter and battery combination offers quick, effective charging. As the engine is also NMEA2000 compliant, you have the ability to use advanced dashboard electronics and data systems. When compatible devices are linked with the engine, fuel usage, rpm and other information can be clearly displayed on easily readable screens.

Exclusively to this class of engine, Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) technology has been cleverly integrated. It exerts a noticeable, positive influence over the ignition timing and the fuel/air ratio. More horsepower is available at a lower rev rate to strengthen starts and acceleration.​


At 808cc, the three-cylinder engine has energy to spare. This four-stroke outboard engine runs quietly, cutting through the water with ease. Electronic fuel injection makes your boat or craft quick to start.

Through intelligent Lean Burn Control, when cruising the engine ramps up fuel efficiency. This low consumption at a constant speed keeps you moving for even longer.​



Water cooling and a thermostat within the engine are safeguards against overheating. Consistent, reliable running is another aspect that ensures your peace of mind.

Discover the might of the Honda Marine BF40 engine. Seek more details and advice from the team at your closest OMASCO location.