This lightweight and quiet BF5 engine from Honda Marine acts as a potent outboard motor for small boats and inflatables. It's designed to be convenient, with even the shape of the engine reducing vibration and noise in motion. Taking an afternoon out on the water has never been easier.

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Honda has deliberately designed the BF5 with lighter, streamlined materials. It features a three-blade aluminum propeller. The exhaust is positioned under the propeller yet above the water. 

In total the engine weighs just 27 kg , meaning it's easy to transport and doesn't weigh water craft down. The tiller handle can be folded down to make the engine more compact, and a carry handle is mounted on the front.​​


A digital CDI system is built into the engine, optimizing the timing of the ignition. It does this at any speed, ensuring that starts are always quick and easy. The gear shift includes forward, neutral and reverse gears to make handling and turning simpler.

A safety lock on the gear shift means that the engine can only ever be started in neutral gear.

All Honda Marine engines meet the CARB three-star standard for low emissions. Overall, the BF5 is a cost-effective and efficient choice.​


This 127cc, single-cylinder engine packs a punch – more than enough to get you out onto open water. The full 5HP is available from a low rev rate of around 5,000rpm. As the engine can be easily driven in shallow waters, it makes light work of landing and casting off. 

The four-stroke engineering does more than boost power and efficiency. Honda's clever systems stop oil from mixing within the engine and causing detriments to overall performance. The Low Oil Warning System will also prevent you from running out mid-trip.​



Through the engine's agility and technologies, the amount of steering needed is reduced. This increases your control over the BF5 whenever it's in use. The engine is also water cooled to prevent overheating.

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