As one of Honda Marine's most powerful medium engines, the BF60 makes boating look effortless. There are several versions, including the BF60 with integrated Power Thrust. You can optionally select the engine with an intelligent remote control system or a tiller.

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The weight of the engine is kept down by the strategic use of lightweight materials such as quality aluminum and plastics. A multifunction tiller can be optionally built into the design, giving you more freedom to focus on control and the waters ahead.

Double sealed paintwork with careful layering does more than look smart. Out on the water, it is actively protecting the engine from corrosion. The gear casing is also hydrodynamic, reducing the amount of drag underwater.​


As with other mid-weight Honda outboard engines, the BF60 arrives with Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) technology. Giving you access to more torque at a lower speed is a show of strength for the engine.

The electric power that the engine uses is augmented by a highly effective battery charging system. A neodymium magnet flywheel enables quick charging that lasts for longer. You have the power to travel further and make use of the BF60's many built-in systems.​


Take full advantage of the four-stroke, three-cylinder engine and its 998cc capacity. The increase in power ensures strength when powering larger and heavier boats. Full throttle is achieved at relatively low revs, from 5,000 -6,000 rpm.

Sensors measure the ratio of air to fuel within the engine and act accordingly. This control over the engine likewise controls the high fuel economy you'll enjoy over time. Such a reassuring level of efficiency is one of the best in class.​



Water cooling stabilizes the engine temperature and guards against overheating. The engine's NMEA2000 compliance also enables you to link data displays and look over the readouts as you travel.

Speak with our Honda Marine experts at OMASCO for more on the BF60 engine. We will guide you through the outboard engine range and your options.