Honda's compact and reliable BF8 engine is suited to a variety of marine craft and experience levels. It sits within the portable range of Honda Marine engines and outboard motors as a dependable all-rounder. Specify the BF8 in a choice of shaft lengths to suit your craft.

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Lighter materials, a four-blade aluminum propeller and a clever, rounded design ensure that the engine is simple to operate. The layered paintwork on the engine affords further protection against corrosion and the elements. It's light enough to power inflatable craft, tenders and sailboats, and can act as a confident 'kicker' to get larger boats moving. 

The foldaway handle is not only convenient for transporting the BF8 – it's positioned precisely at the engine's balance point to maintain the agile design. A gear shift level sits towards the front of the engine, joined by an easy-to-use twist grip throttle.​


The engine can be selected with optional Power Thrust Design, which increases force in forwards and reverse. The ignition timing is accurately controlled by an internal processor. An Engine Protection System is integrated to control overheating and the rev rate. Using the digital CDI, you have an even greater command of the engine's speed.

Water cooling and a built-in thermostat also work to keep the BF8 running at its very best. As you can start the engine in shallow water, there's the potential to cast off from the sand or from harbours and docks.​


The two-cylinder, four-stroke engine boasts 222cc. It starts up quickly, and this can be done with just one hand for your convenience. The BF8 additionally runs impressively quietly.

Low emissions are a further advantage of Honda's forward-thinking engine technologies.



In reverse, the exhaust gases are intelligently diverted away from the propeller. You'll always be running through clean water, to further protect the engine. The tiller handle has been comfortably extended, and the unique design of the steering level reduces friction.

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