Honda’s capable all-round marine engine is the BF80. The unit powers boats of different sizes smoothly and efficiently to help you get the most from your time on the water. Whether you need it for work or leisure the BF80 is the ideal tool.

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It may come as a surprise that so much power can come from such a compact engine. The slim design includes a removable engine hood that protects all interior components from water and corrosion. 

This slender shape is also lightweight which maximizes the power that is sent to the water. A sophisticated silver finish complements every boat.​​


Honda has drawn from technology developed for its racing bikes to engineer the BF80 to the highest standard. The BLAST innovation with MBT trace control improves acceleration significantly through accurate ignition timing. 

More torque is developed at a low rpm and plenty is still available as the speed increases. Meanwhile, lean burn control adjusts the mix of air and fuel in the engine to boost efficiency and therefore reduce running costs. ​​


With this 1496cc four-cylinder engine on board you can expect an instant start and eager throttle responses each time you accelerate. Honda’s advanced PGM-FI programmed fuel injection system is responsible for this satisfying delivery of power. 

At any speed you will feel in complete control of the boat’s movements. The optional Trolling Control is designed for low speeds and adjusts output in 50rpm increments. ​​



​A four-layer exterior coating process known as 4Front protects the engine from UV rays and salt water which can cause damage and issues on the water. A multifunctional Honda speedometer and tachometer gauge can also be linked with the engine to keep track of fuel levels and unit temperature so you can avoid becoming stranded. 

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