Honda’s legendary engine technology is available today as a stand-alone product. The manufacturer has produced a family of clean, efficient and powerful units that can meet a variety of uses. Each is suitable for commercial agriculture equipment, construction machinery, powering a generator and many other tasks.

They are all compact and light, making them a practical addition to any machine or tool. Careful Honda engineering has also reduced the noise and vibrations produced by each without reducing its power output. The current line-up ranges from the convenient 1hp GX25 up to the heavy-duty 22.1hp GX690. Affordability is a feature of every engine, and as they are built to last you will receive superb value from your purchase.

Speak to the experts at OMASCO Honda before choosing the engine for your specific requirements. You can search through our product range on this page and view important details including power output, fuel tank capacity and dry weight. For more information on any engine, please request a quote online or speak to your nearest OMASCO Honda site directly.

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The ultra-lightweight GX25 engine efficiently delivers efficient, clean, powerful and quiet performance.


The ultra-lightweight GX35 efficiently delivers a powerful and quiet performance.


The GX100 engine delivers reliable easy starting and fuel efficient performance.


The GX120 is renowned for superior reliability and performance.


The GX160 is a tried and tested favourite for a range of applications.


Professionals rely on the GX200 to deliver a reliable, fuel efficient and powerful output.


The GX270 – more power, quieter performance and lower fuel consumption.


With the GX340, you’re looking at one of the best engines in the business. With exceptional power and performance.


The GX390 is the largest of the GX Range and an all-round quality engine.


The GX690 boosts Honda engines offering higher horsepower and excellent adaptability.

Advanced 4 Stroke Technology

The advanced 4 stroke technology ensures the engines start first time.