Please see below for a selection of the most common questions about our range of Honda Power Products.

What should I do if I have an issue with my Honda Power Product?

Take the equipment to your nearest Al-Futtaim Honda Power Products workshop for an inspection. One of our experts will look at it and arrange any repairs that are needed.

How can I maintain or repair my Honda product or buy spare parts?

You can purchase parts directly from Al-Futtaim Honda. Please provide the serial number and model of your product when buying to make sure you receive the right items. If you are purchasing parts for an engine, you will need the engine number.

Is synthetic oil suitable for my Honda engine?

Honda notes that its engines are developed and tested with petroleum-based motor oils as a lubricant. Any motor oil used must therefore meet or exceed the requirements outlined in your Owner’s Manual.

What fuel should I use in my Honda engine?

Honda designs its engines to run on regular unleaded gasoline. Gasoline is allowed by regulation to include a variety of additives, but there are limits to how much of certain additives, such as alcohol, can be used. A maximum of ten percent ethanol is allowed in gasoline and Honda’s units run at their best using fuel that contains between zero and ten percent ethanol. E85 or other alternative fuels must not be used. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for a list of recommended fuel types.

Contact an adviser at your nearest Honda Power Products showroom if you would like answers to any questions not included on this page.