Proper maintenance can significantly preserve the quality and useful life of your Honda power product. The aftersales experts at your local OMASCO showroom have the knowledge and tools to complete these tasks, but you can also perform basic maintenance yourself.

It is important to only use genuine Honda parts that have been designed specifically for your machine. They can be purchased directly from us and we will be pleased to fit them on your behalf if you prefer. If you do plan to maintain your product yourself, please see the tips below for guidance.

  • Switch off the engine before you begin any maintenance or repairs, no matter how minor.
  • Make sure the area you are in is well-ventilated when you run the engine.
  • Allow the engine exhaust system to cool before touching it.
  • Never refuel the generator or engine when the unit is hot.
  • When refueling, pour the fluid slowly and avoid filling the tank to the brim.
  • Make sure the refill fuel is fresh. Stale fuel is a common cause of starting issues and poor running.
  • Gather the tools and equipment you need before starting any work.
  • Do not smoke while working, and keep all sparks and flames away from fuel-related parts.


Contact your nearest OMASCO showroom for more helpful maintenance tips, or to book a service appointment.