OMASCO reinforces commitment to His Majesty's private sector nationalisation drive

Thursday, April 05, 2018

OMASCO, exclusive authorised distributor for Honda in the Sultanate for the past four decades, recently reinforced commitment to His Majesty's private sector nationalisation drive through its affiliation with the students of National College of Automotive Technology (NCAT).

Through a series of interviews, OMASCO actively nominated several young automotive enthusiasts and NCAT students for internship within the company, offering tailored training sessions on the automotive industry, distributor role and how associates deliver excellence to delight every customer. Aspiring to a career within OMASCO on completion of their studies, these associates also received on-the-job training, relevant to the roles that they will ultimately take on.

OMASCO recently held a get together for ten associates who joined during the last month, and who are currently undergoing skill enhancement exercises, with a view to becoming key members of the strong technical team in Honda workshops across Oman.

Len Hunt, President - Automotive Group, joined the young team of Omani Nationals, and shared his own experience of how individuals can progress within the private sector through hard work and dedication. He affirmed his confidence in how such nationalisation initiatives can play a key role in driving Oman's national economy.