Kolber Watches Kolber Genéve was created in the home of Swiss watchmaking, Genéve, in 1983.The creation of Kolber is a part of the reinvention of the Swiss watch industry post the quartz crisis. Since then Kolber has always been on the forefront of change and technical innovation. Over the last three decades Kolber has stayed true to its original principles of Swiss craftsmanship and affordability.
Kolber Genéve values are geared towards the belief that “Swiss Made” watches do not have to be stratospherically priced to attain superior quality and striking beauty. For the past 30 years Kolber has succeeded in making top quality watches more accessible to the evolving aspirations of a demanding market. Today, the Kolber Genéve distribution network is spread across 41 countries and 15 duty free outlets worldwide.
WESTAR Watches WESTAR, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality timepieces has coined the term variety by pioneering the concept of a watch as an interchangeable fashion accessory. Launched in 1985, WESTAR quickly expanded worldwide in more than 45 countries and 15 Duty Free outlets, an accomplishment which could have only been achieved through a clear vision and innovation.
The brand’s mission is to provide stylish, fashionable high quality watches at competitive prices… values that have been synonymous with the WESTAR name. Westar uses the most reliable movements like Ronda and ISA Swiss, depending on the specifications of the watch. Majority of the models have stainless steel cases, with high quality leather straps or stainless steel bracelets, while some older classic models still carry a brass construction. AA grade Ion plating is generally used for all plated watches. Electro-plating process is used for bi-colour models. The entire range of Westar watches is water resistant and the water resistance varies from 3 ATM to 10 ATM. All Westar watches carry an international warranty of two years. The Brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary next year and continues to be a success story in today’s fashion world.
Alba Watches Alba. The ancients' word for dawn, passed down the generations into Spanish and Italian as a symbol of light, hope and new beginnings. Alba. The inspiration for a unique watch collection, characterized by fresh, bright designs for people who cherish life and who strive to get the most out of it.
Alba was born in 1979 in Japan and its success was immediate, with the Alba name becoming an instant symbol of the value and quality that consumers expect from a brand created by Seiko Watch Corporation. Its fame spread rapidly throughout Asia and the Middle East and today, Alba is a respected name in watches, with over millions satisfied new customers every year. Our website is designed to show you our products and to provide you with everything you need to find them. While we have a wide collection, every Alba watch shares three common characteristics: unique design, outstanding quality and an affordable price. And because Alba is backed at every level by Seiko Watch Corporation, you can trust your Alba watch to give you years of satisfaction. Alba. Let the light shine on!
Raymond Weil Watches Aligning with the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions, RAYMOND WEIL continues to innovate with its first in-house movement. Its distinctive characteristic is the 6 o’clock front-dial positioning of its regulating organ. Named Calibre RW1212 as a nod to the postal code of the company headquarters in Grand-Lancy Geneva, it pays tribute to 40 years of RAYMOND WEIL creations and to the Brand’s determination to highlight the richness of watchmaking expertise, while infusing it with its uniquely free-spirited attitude.
RAYMOND WEIL has always strived to achieve watchmaking excellence and use its know-how and expertise to meet the prerequisites of the much sought-after Swiss made label. While this knowledge and the passion have been handed down from generation to generation within the family, so has the love of music! Music has always been an essential part of RAYMOND WEIL’s DNA. With over 40 years of involvement in the music industry across all genres, the Swiss watchmaker composes its timepieces the way musicians compose their chef d’oeuvres. A homage to that which has always inspired the Swiss Watchmaker, the film, Precision is my Inspiration, evokes the creation of two masterpieces, the one watchmaking and the other musical – in two universes intimately bound together. “Our watchmaking Company has been involved with music, ever since its foundation”, confides Elie Bernheim, RAYMOND WEIL Genève CEO.
West End Watches 1880’s – The roots Alcide Droz & Sons established in St-Imier / Switzerland since 1864 develops the first attested waterproof watch called “L’Imperméable”. 1886 – The foundation of the brand The first West End Watches are produced by Alcide Droz & Sons and distributed in the Indian market. 1914 – 1918 – World War 1 West End Watch Co. produces its first wristwatches for the soldiers of the British Army. The brand becomes legendary in the Middle-East.
1917 – Sowar The sub-brand “Sowar” is officially registered. 1934 – Innovation West End Watch Co. is the first brand to introduce the revolutionary Incabloc® anti-shock system. 1950’s – 1970’s – The Oil Era Millions of West End Watches are distributed from the Red Sea to China. 1980’s – 1990’s – Changing times A flood of cheap quartz watches produced in Far East and upheavals on the historical markets weigh heavy on the sales of West End Watches. 2001 – Repositioning West End Watch Co. is taken over by the Monnat Family. 2006 – Silk Road West End Watch Co. celebrates 120 years of uninterrupted presence in Asia with the introduction of the “Silk Road” concept. 2009 – Golden times West End Watch Co. launches an 18ct solid gold collection, the “Queen Anne”. 2012 – Lifestyle Young talented watch designers are commissioned to develop new lifestyle collections. 2013 – A colourful history Jérôme Monnat, CEO, introduces colours in the corporate identity of the company.